Walk in my footsteps

Follow me on my journey to become an author that others like to read. Follow Arielanna as she fights to bring her people back from the brink of extinction in Arielanna’s Wrath. Read the Story of Joe Smith, an average police dectective forced to battle the forces of darkness and come to terms with the supernatural in Old Powers Reborn. In either book discover unknown races with good characters.


Excerpt from Arielanna’s Wrath by D.A. Smith copyright 2013

Mafrita and the lieutenant each had Snakebiter side arms but they were pinned down as Mabina continued her assault. The blue-tinged, amber-eyed, intelligence officer was speeding around the corner of the barn to finish off Mafrita and the traitorous lieutenant when a laser shot came from the front of the house. Arielanna had heard the commotion and came out bearing her own Snakebiter. The shot hit directly on the engine of Mabina’s glider and the green-gold Molrhevian was dumped onto the ground for the second time, which did nothing to improve her temper. Mafrita, Arielanna and the lieutenant surrounded her which prevented her from getting a weapon up to finish her task.

“So you work for the High Priestess, as well, Mabina?” Asked Arielanna as she came up and ripped the woman’s weapons from her, “We had thought the only people in on the conspiracy were priestesses. How many others know outside the Order? Councilor Ri’Bana perhaps, who else?”

“That fat pudgy councilor has too big a mouth to be allowed to know. I was recruited because of who my mother is and the skills I have. Other than the Prelates and the High Priestess only a handful know and I will not tell you their names. Why all this fuss to protect the males? They are nothing but brutes who should never be allowed to come back.”

“That is not a decision for any mortal to make. Only Rheva has the right to make choices like that and if she didn’t want us to have our males she would have stopped us from being able to bear them rather than leave us to suffer their deaths.”