Women Warriors

If you are in the mood to read about strong female characters then any of my stories will do but if you truly enjoy the woman warrior then click on the link for Arielanna’s Wrath.
Arielanna's Wrath Cover


New Title

My Ocean Love is now ready at Amazon on Kindle. Check it out, by clicking on the link and enjoy.

Deep beneath the oceans, lives a race of humanoid people, who have been there, since the dawn of intelligent life. New human technology, forces this race to come out of hiding, on their own terms, before they are found. Out of this scenario, comes a love more profound than most. Erin Trenton, an oceanographer for NOAA is the first to discover this race and the one to experience this unusual love she finds. Erin goes on a journey that confronts the face of love and, what it could be, if experienced in full, without restraint. What does Erin find beneath the waters she loves? Only the reader knows.