Why are women worth writing about?

Aside from the simple fact; women don’t get the coverage they deserve, as strong leading characters; women are one of the standards by which we measure the growth of a society. Our willingness to accept that, heroes can come from anywhere; and women, in their own way, can be just as good as role models; as men; is one of our measuring sticks for the maturity of our society. Also, by introducing characters that, don’t conform to, what many consider normal; gives us other measures for our maturity. The simple willingness to accept that, as long as a person’s individual actions, do no physical harm to another; and accept that, we have to show tolerance for difference; as all people are different in some way; is the measure of our willingness to show true humanity; and not allow ourselves to remain in the realm of the animal. There are many, who do themselves an injustice; by remaining unwilling to rise above the instincts of emotion and allow their rational mind, more room to breathe. There’s nothing rational about harming anyone, who does not seek to commit harm.

Be good to this world; which is our first home.

Be good to each other; because it’s more rational to do so.

And simply love living because the alternative, is not.


A finger, trails; smoothly and comfortingly; along her cheek to; wipe the tear, away; then, in a, moment of, moonlit, poetry; lips, kiss; the, tear-streak; and the, smile that, blooms; changes, her, whole day. A glass shard from the, heart that was, broken; is, glued; back in, place; from someone, other than; the, boy; who, shattered it; to, tell her; She’s worth it.

A Woman’s Strength

The foundation of a woman’s strength; is not found in her arms and legs; but in her heart, especially when she’s granted the gift to be free; free from the men who belittle, harm and endanger that very freedom.

Nothing is more glorious to behold; nor will she be more devoted to defending all she has; than when she is aware of her freedom to say, “I’m with you of my own choice; not because I have to be.”

Ode To Her.

She stands before a rainbow and it bows to her beauty. She stands before the sun and it pales to her brightness. A diamond can’t compete and neither can gold. She’s a gift to the world and one not sent back; if one truly sees the value within. A graceful step full of strength and hands made to love but only for those with the power to see her for what she really is. Free as a bird and beautiful to behold because she is. Fear of her freedom is a weak game and not worthy of anything but our scorn, for when one truly admires her for each treasured trait, can one be all that they can be too.

Welcome her grandly. Keep her in love. Most importantly, keep her free, for in this state shall she find her true self, and be the treasure we need to see.

Success versus Women

After reading stories; concerning the nature of what women are forced to put up with to find success; one must question the area of success men and women both struggle to balance. This one area is the basic question of control. We see money, cars, expensive vacations and the knowledge; you’re free to spend your money and never risk falling into the red; as being the markers for success.

For many though; it’s a desire for power; the understanding of those under you; must do as you say. This poses a problem when the one in control has problems limiting that control to work related issues and not discipline other employees; for failing to maintain proper workplace protocol.

This issue creates problems in; many areas of social discourse; but never so much as when dealing with basic natural desires between men and women. For centuries; men developed the need to be in control; the dominate. It still, gets taught to young males in the simple education of watching the older generations. Even men who don’t think they commit acts of, gender discrimination; get caught by it on occasion.

Women aren’t bothered by a man showing his attraction. It only, becomes a problem when a women says; “No more. Please respect my ability to control my life.” This flies in the face of everything; many men; are taught from early age. It is unfortunate, we need laws to protect women; from the perspective of one who knows this; as women are, more beautiful; when free to be comfortable in their environment.

In the recent stories you see this, frequently. Women having to, take their issues to court; because those that should, protect them in the workplace; fail to do so. Those higher up the chain want to say; “Just deal with it.” They find their egos being tormented when the women answer, “No!”

When you read about women having their bodies touched; without invitation; by a man or another woman; then have their complaints ignored; a hostile workplace has been planted. When the managers decide the problem is, her; not the man or woman with wandering hands; the hostile workplace can be laid at the manager’s feet. The same holds true for the man who gets touched without invitation.

The issue runs up against the idea; where does the control stop at work? Most recognize that control stops at work; and doesn’t allow it to creep into the personal. For some though; they get comfortable with control; and take it hard when another person says; “There is a limit.”

Each person with a writer’s heart needs to stand up and say; “Let the women work and your business will be better for it.”

If I started a, poll about whether; managers who make sure women can simply, concentrate on their jobs; versus; managers who harrass or allow harrassment in the workplace; show better productivity; I’m betting on a landslide in favor of letting women simply, do their jobs.

This is from the opinion of one who says; “Let the, personal be personal and professional be professional.”

Striving For Greater Value

To remain happy with displaying the animal sides of our natures is; in essence; denying our very humanity. It diminishes the value of the treasure to be obtained to force a woman to give of herself instead of seeking the greater reward of her free choice. I know; having been a male all my life; how hard it is to deny our animal instincts but it is this very fight; so our human minds may seek the greater treasures that await; that makes the fight worth it.

We; as human men; though it’d be easier to give into our instinctual impulses; need this fight because it makes us better men. Human men have always sought out the greatest challenges; to build, to destroy and to conquer. The greatest battle to be fought is the one against our own natures.

When we can rise above the animal; control it; and let our rational mind greater sway, we open endless possibilities because that which we seek most in this world – women – will become something more than the appeasement of a moment’s carnal delight. They become jewels, more precious than diamonds. They become wealth, greater than all the gold on the planet.

This is in response to a recent story concerning several young men forcing themselves on one young woman. The consequences to the young men will be serious but the consequences to that one young woman will be devastating for years; until she finds her value again as someone greater than a few young men’s plaything. She’s a human woman and this alone makes her worth more than all the wealth available.

We; as men; also need to hold ourselves to higher standards and say; “Our lives as free men; for the whole of our lives; are worth more than throwing it all away to appease a momentary desire.” If the woman you seek is worth throwing your life away for then, by all means, let her know the proper way so she may decide if you’re her knight. If the individual woman is only worth a few minutes of your time then value the human being and let her live as she chooses.

This isn’t about denying ourselves anything but giving ourselves a chance at something greater than giving into momentary lapses of control that could see us throwing years of our lives away and; worst of all; damaging a human woman whose only crime was; SHE WAS THERE.

We’re no longer cavemen. We’re no longer barbarians. We have the ability to be greater than that. We have the ability to say; “We’ve grown into HUMAN men and seek the greater experiences that come from balancing emotion with controlled rational thought.”

To all women who’ve experienced this pain or not; YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN PLAYTHINGS. Your free choice in the greatest treasure available.

To all men who’ve fought the battle and attained your woman’s free choice; Congratulations!

A Simple Wish Granted

My world was rocked as she stepped through the door. Long trim legs – kick ass seat – swaying to and fro. What caught me out like a clean right hook were the tears that spoke…

Pain – like the moment of insane memory

Pain – like being told you don’t make the grade

Pain – like you’re sweetest love left with him

Pain – like the heart will break on a dime

It caught me such a blow, I was frozen as she passed. With heart feeling heavy, I walked out to try. She’s gone and I can’t help the burden dragging on my soul. Such was my hope that I’d find her again to heal the hole she left in this world without her smile.

It made me feel…

Pain – like the moment of insane memory

Pain – like being told you don’t make the grade

Pain – like you’re sweetest love left with him

Pain – like the heart will break on a dime

This chance encounter pulled at me for a three week stint. Then out of the blue we’re returned to the point when I’m granted a second try. As she passes, I swallow my fear and say; “Hi.” With hesitant voice she responds in kind.

I ask, “How are you?” She sees the genuine interest but the source has much to be desired. “I’m okay. Thank you.” She turns to leave and I’m about to be left hanging in…

Pain – like the moment of insane memory

Pain – like being told you don’t make the grade

Pain – like you’re sweetest love left with him

Pain – like the heart will break on a dime

I hung my head for the promised ritual I knew by heart. To watch as she took her pain to the next in line to add more. I couldn’t speak for the lump of pain that caused the throat to constrict.

She turns back for a smile and I let her go as my wish was granted.