Success versus Women

After reading stories concerning the nature of what women are forced to put up with to find success, one must question the area of success men and women both struggle to balance. This one area is the basic question of control. We see money, cars, expensive vacations and the knowledge you’re free to spend your money and never risk falling into the red as being the markers for success.

For many though, it’s a desire for power; the understanding of those under you must do as you say. This poses a problem when the one in control has problems limiting that control to work related issues and not discipline other employees for failing to maintain proper workplace protocol.

This issue creates problems in many areas of social discourse but never so much as when dealing with basic natural desires between men and women. For centuries men developed the need to be in control, the dominate. It still gets taught to young males in the simple education of watching the older generations. Even men who don’t think they commit acts of gender discrimination get caught by it on occasion.

Women aren’t bothered by a man showing his attraction. It only becomes a problem when a women says; “No more. Please respect my ability to control my life.” This flies in the face of everything many men are taught from an early age. It is unfortunate we need laws to protect women from the perspective of one who knows this, as women are more beautiful when free to be comfortable in their environment.

In the recent stories you see this frequently. Women having to take their issues to court because those that should protect them in the workplace fail to do so. Those higher up the chain want to say, “Just deal with it.” They find their egos being tormented when the women answer, “No!”

When you read about women having their bodies touched without invitation by a man or another woman then have their complaints ignored, a hostile workplace has been planted. When the managers decide the problem is her, not the man or woman with wandering hands, the hostile workplace can be laid at the manager’s feet. The same holds true for the man who gets touched without invitation.

The issue runs up against the idea, where does the control stop at work? Most recognize that control stops at work and doesn’t allow it to creep into the personal. For some though, they get comfortable with control and take it hard when another person says, “There is a limit.”

Each person with a writer’s heart need to stand up and say, “Let the women work and your business will be better for it.”

If I started a poll about whether managers who make sure women can simply, concentrate on their jobs versus, managers who harrass or allow harrassment in the workplace show better productivity, I’m betting on a landslide in favor of letting women simply, do their jobs.

This is from the opinion of one who says, “Let the personal be personal and professional be professional.”

The Unintentional Blinders Still Betray

Hanging over a cliff’s edge, your voice is mighty loud. The backs turned and earbuds in; drown the awful sound. Shh…they say; “What I want to hear is more important.” The cliffhanger sits on the brink of the fall and can’t be heard for the noise. It must be nice to live in oblivious disdain for anything beyond a pleasant sound.

In their heart of hearts do they cry; “I care, I care…I do!” Just wait one moment as I see what Ms. So-And-So is wearing to the ball. Oh…can you believe it? She’s marrying the hot guy; he’s marrying the hot chick. In a moment; pipe down; this song is my favorite.

Can you hear it over the cliffhanger’s scream?

Editorial on Current Civilization

How does one, define; what’s important?

As; we, watch; many of, our people; fall ill, with; the flu; or COVID; or both; we can’t but see; how, those we entrust our future to; squabbling over, the issues for; the sake of, their own; aggrandizement. We; have, a selfish child; in, the form of a grown man; in, Donald Trump; who, believes; it’s, the entire world’s responsibility to cater to his whims. Senators and Representatives; can’t, see; beyond their own, noses; to ensure, the people are cared for; before, worrying about; what, makes them look good; for reelection.

What is the true nature of the United States? Is it about; simply, saying, all; the right things, then not caring if; anyone follows through or not? Is it about; punishing the poor, because; there, is; only so much, opportunity; available? When do we take a look at ourselves, and say; we need, to; be, better?

One; only, needs to look at; the lack, of noses and mouths; on, our fellow citizens to know; those, we trust to keep us safe; didn’t, do a good enough job; in, the beginning; and now, every; weakness of, our country; has become, glaringly; obvious. Somehow; we need, to; take a, long, look; in, the mirror – and I, include myself; in this – and say; we not, only; can be, better; but we, need to be.

It may, take; a decade, or more; before, we have a solid handle; on, the viruses affecting; so, many; and bring our, country back; to a, real, sense of strength. Until then; we, need our leaders; to put, their selfishness aside; and make, decisions based on; what’s best, for everyone; not, just; for, themselves. We need our, business leaders; to stop, looking at these; tragic, issues; as grand, opportunities; to become, wealthier; but to see the potential, long-term, benefits; of simply, doing what, they can to; support our citizens.

Disposable people

In a world that’s supposedly becoming more inclusive and tolerant, there are still those who get pushed aside, ignored and in many cases, treated like vermin simply because they exist. There’s no room in many people’s world for those that can best be described as socially awkward and yet, it is these people who tend to carry the most pain, and are the most likely to commit suicide. It goes to show that all these ads on TV that speak about being more inclusive are really nothing more than TV land crap. There’s no room in these people’s world for those who might need real help, not just pretty words spoken on the television.