What’s in a wish?

Is a wish really, just the product of the imagination to hope, something good will come your way in your lifetime; or does it provide a greater emphasis?

The power of wishing, has the power to transform lives; if allowed to grow outside the imagination; and provide a voice to desires and hopes, for the man, woman or child; who has little. Put it in your mind, set to slowly simmer in your thoughts and ask yourself; in the act of granting wishes to those with little hope; is it more a gift to them or to yourself?


My Hidden Path to Power

Hello to all you readers out there;

My name is Deana Boller. I’d love it; if all those who enjoy stories of those overcoming great tragedies would read my tale. My great nemesis, Ryan Gilpatrick, brings to my life more terror and pain than I’d ever thought, I could endure. As a genius, he starts by using science but discovers magic and uses this; to cause me more pain.

I begin to find recovery when I meet Doriane Lavoie; the mystic I turn to for help when I finally reach the decision to fight back. Through finding my teacher, I find more than I ever hoped for; as she instructs me in magic, love and strength.

The Hidden Paths to Power cover