Rebina Ki’Tama is calling

Rebina Ki’Tama is pacing her home on Rhevia waiting for those who will read about her in her mother’s story about how she saved their people. The eight year old also wants people to read about her Aunty Mafrita’s role in these actions. She stops and thinks real hard as she wills people to get the book Arielanna’s Wrath and share in how her mother lost her love but gained a new future for the Molrhevians on Rhevia.

Arielanna's Wrath Cover


Come, see my latest creation

A set of short, horror stories I am sure will tantalize your sense of the weird and spooky. The book is titled Things That Go Bump in the Night – Short Stories. Little, six year old Jenna Parker has a surprise for you if you visit the first story titled The Virtual Circle. The second story goes by the name The Christmas Devil and Califer the Blue Devil is hoping your will play with him. Revenge Is Best Served In Song is the title of the last story in this book and Joni Mitchell reminds us that sometimes when someone asks us to do something it is best to listen.


Hi, out there

My name is Cristobel Sheerton. My family and I would like you come play with us as we demonstrate that what makes a monster comes in many shapes and forms. My family and I move to the town of Longdale, Colorado. I have been on a search for a friend that I can keep in my life but my mother and brother make that a difficult task for me. I manage to get close to two girls named Donna and Heather who end up getting pulled into my secret life. It is nearly the full moon and I must go to my hunting ground but I invite you to share in this portion of my life.