Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Available Now

I have a new e-book available on Kindle at It is called Soul Healer, Soul Warrior.

Follow Michelle as she goes on a journey of self-dicovery and wonder as her life brings her into contact with a race of gentle beings that have shared our world but have remained hidden. Read Michelle’s story as her life gets meshed with these people and works to make these people an open part of our world.

Soul Healer, Soul Warrior cover


The characters speak

My name is Marcia Mercier. Come and follow the adventure of my love Jorvon, as he and my fellow Guardians, battle to take our world back from the demon Markolopulous, in The Mother Calls.

My name is Rebina Ki’Tama. Read along and see how my mother fights, to stop a centuries long evil, from bringing my people to extinction, in Arielanna’s Wrath.

My name is Mischaline. I am an Anuskian from the book Old Powers Reborn. Come meet me and mine and watch as we help Joe Smith and his friends, gain the skill necessary, to stop an ancient evil from taking over the world.

New book

I just published my third book. It should be ready by tomorrow. For those who might enjoy it, here is the description;

The Mother Calls

Mother Earth was frustrated in the calendar year 2006. That had been when she needed her guardians but the humans’ callous use of the planet and their wavering belief in forces, beyond those proven by science, prevented her from waking them. The fire demon known as Markolopulous, Markos for short, escaped his confines from beyond the veil that separated the Abyss from the mortal world. A mortal, who dabbled in the power of magic, had made a circle precise enough to open the veil and allow the demon’s escape.

The goddess had tried to summon her champions and found her power weakened from the declining belief and the damaging garbage in the world. Unable to wake her charges, she was forced to watch as the demon took up residence in France, and began using his influence to shape the world to his liking. After spending time collecting the necessary resources, Markos helped to finance the research to build ships capable of reaching other worlds. He also worked to weaken the goddess more as he had products made that helped to generate even more disregard for the planet and Mother Earth was fading from the world. Markos enjoyed the chaos he built for a long while.

The Mother Calls cover 2

Walk in my footsteps

Follow me on my journey to become an author that others like to read. Follow Arielanna as she fights to bring her people back from the brink of extinction in Arielanna’s Wrath. Read the Story of Joe Smith, an average police dectective forced to battle the forces of darkness and come to terms with the supernatural in Old Powers Reborn. In either book discover unknown races with good characters.