A finger, trails; smoothly and comfortingly; along her cheek to; wipe the tear, away; then, in a, moment of, moonlit, poetry; lips, kiss; the, tear-streak; and the, smile that, blooms; changes, her, whole day. A glass shard from the, heart that was, broken; is, glued; back in, place; from someone, other than; the, boy; who, shattered it; to, tell her; She’s worth it.

Stand upon a soap box and shout, “I am here,” and let the world know your pain. To; any, who; are, considering suicide; know that; you’re, loved; and, needed; in this world. I won’t, go; there; because I care about the people; around, me too much to; do, that; to them. That being said; I know the pain that; leads to it; because I live it; everyday. Don’t give up because; you never, know; you might find the, answer; tomorrow.

A Woman’s Strength

The foundation of a woman’s strength; is not found in her arms and legs; but in her heart, especially when she’s granted the gift to be free; free from the men who belittle, harm and endanger that very freedom.

Nothing is more glorious to behold; nor will she be more devoted to defending all she has; than when she is aware of her freedom to say, “I’m with you of my own choice; not because I have to be.”

Ode To Her.

She stands before a rainbow and it bows to her beauty. She stands before the sun and it pales to her brightness. A diamond can’t compete and neither can gold. She’s a gift to the world and one not sent back; if one truly sees the value within. A graceful step full of strength and hands made to love but only for those with the power to see her for what she really is. Free as a bird and beautiful to behold because she is. Fear of her freedom is a weak game and not worthy of anything but our scorn, for when one truly admires her for each treasured trait, can one be all that they can be too.

Welcome her grandly. Keep her in love. Most importantly, keep her free, for in this state shall she find her true self, and be the treasure we need to see.

Fantasy Television

This new emphasis on TV to advertise this organization or that group who want you to believe they care seems a bit disingenuous. Those of us who could truly use caring and help don’t seem to be the people any of these organizations and groups speak to. It’s like the majority of things you see on TV. Fiction holds people’s attention more that fact. I’ve looked at many of these groups advertising caring and help, and not one has a section for depressed, middle-aged men who have severe trust issues.