Racism is Philosophically Wrong

Racism has always been wrong philosophically but the concepts of right and wrong aren’t primary in the considerations for people’s motives. Want and need have greater impacts on how people make their decisions. If one wants to do the right thing, they will. If one wants to do as they wish, without regard for the feelings and lives of others, they will. Racism is about the need and desire to dominate that’s found in everyone. Most can keep their desire for conquest limited to games and sports. Some feel those particular activities aren’t enough.

The people who need to say, “You’re less than I am,” because of something physical are generally from the less intelligent among the population because they need something simple to judge this on. Those who are more intelligent also fall victim to this mindset but generally pick more complicated reasons for why they believe they’re better than others. Everyone is born with flaws but some flaws are more overt than others.

Race is a highjacked word, (like the big no-no N word), by those who wished to define those of different colors as being so different, they defined them as a different race. Race was originally defined as two creatures of the same race, as long as they’re male and female, have the ability to breed. It’s been proven time and again that nearly every human; as long as there’s nothing medically wrong with them; can breed with everyone else in the Human Race.

Racists are nothing more than bullies with specific agendas and I’m one who has known and still know what it’s like to face bullies. I live in a world of pain that’s generated from this and has made such a mess of me, it’s become obvious that I’m too damaged for anyone to feel confident they can help me. I reach out to experts, friends and family, and while my family does what they can, my particular problems keep me from responding to their efforts; because they’re not the ones who created the issues.

George Floyd is a tragedy; not because he was a black man who was killed, but because he was a man who was a victim of overreaction by the officers. From all I’ve read, Mr. Floyd was not a known offender with a reputation that required such a response. I’m confident, had the officers kept their emotions out of it and thought through the situation, they could’ve dealt with it without such measures.

Be good to each other because we’re alike more than we’re different and the differences make each of us more interesting, not a reason to put anyone down.