Musings #4

The world is like a fifteen-year-old in that, it’s on the cusp of understanding what it is to be mature but stiil resisting, as the call of childhood behaviors are still prominent. A truly mature world will always be based on how we, as individuals, treat everyone else around us. The women, the ugly and all the various reasons one person might look down upon another will be wiped away and everyone will view each other with respect but also not be shy about stating their opinions. A disrespectful opinion is not necessarily something to be discounted out of hand; until that opinion has been determined to have good cause or not. If it does then it should be debated. If it doesn’t then we should still respect that a person has the right to say it but also, must accept the backlash that might occur, as others express their rightful opinions.

Stand up in the face of unfair judgements and allow all our brothers and sisters to find a place where they fit with everyone else.

A Woman’s Strength

The foundation of a woman’s strength; is not found in her arms and legs; but in her heart, especially when she’s granted the gift to be free; free from the men who belittle, harm and endanger that very freedom.

Nothing is more glorious to behold; nor will she be more devoted to defending all she has; than when she is aware of her freedom to say, “I’m with you of my own choice; not because I have to be.”