Editorial on Current Civilization

How does one, define; what’s important?

As; we, watch; many of, our people; fall ill, with; the flu; or COVID; or both; we can’t but see; how, those we entrust our future to; squabbling over, the issues for; the sake of, their own; aggrandizement. We; have, a selfish child; in, the form of a grown man; in, Donald Trump; who, believes; it’s, the entire world’s responsibility to cater to his whims. Senators and Representatives; can’t, see; beyond their own, noses; to ensure, the people are cared for; before, worrying about; what, makes them look good; for reelection.

What is the true nature of the United States? Is it about; simply, saying, all; the right things, then not caring if; anyone follows through or not? Is it about; punishing the poor, because; there, is; only so much, opportunity; available? When do we take a look at ourselves, and say; we need, to; be, better?

One; only, needs to look at; the lack, of noses and mouths; on, our fellow citizens to know; those, we trust to keep us safe; didn’t, do a good enough job; in, the beginning; and now, every; weakness of, our country; has become, glaringly; obvious. Somehow; we need, to; take a, long, look; in, the mirror – and I, include myself; in this – and say; we not, only; can be, better; but we, need to be.

It may, take; a decade, or more; before, we have a solid handle; on, the viruses affecting; so, many; and bring our, country back; to a, real, sense of strength. Until then; we, need our leaders; to put, their selfishness aside; and make, decisions based on; what’s best, for everyone; not, just; for, themselves. We need our, business leaders; to stop, looking at these; tragic, issues; as grand, opportunities; to become, wealthier; but to see the potential, long-term, benefits; of simply, doing what, they can to; support our citizens.


Dangerous Times

It should come as no surprise that I believe the current incarnation of the Republican Party is not only wrong but dangerous for our country. There seems to be an undercurrent in the minds of the candidates that we must fight religious extremism with religious extremism. Never mind that one of the founding principles of this country is that religious zeal has no place in secular decision making. The concept of keeping the church and state separate is not only right but necessary for religious freedom to exist at all.

The election in 2016, probably more so than any other recent election year, will be a pivotal one to determine the course of our country. We need more young voters to make the effort to get to the polls and vote. To make the decision not to vote is the equivalent of granting silent assent to those who get elected to do as they wish.

The people of this country will only have ourselves to blame if our resources get stretched too thin by going to war against another country. Just pick up a history book about the end of the Roman Empire. You’ll find the parallels to our own situation frighteningly similar.

The warmongers in this country should not be allowed to continue to place our young men and women in harm’s way simply for the sake of their profit. No matter what spin they use to gain your consent, this is the truth behind the push to fight Iran or ISIS or any one of a number of trumped up enemies we can create so the military industrial complex can keep raping our country’s budget for hundreds of billions of dollars.

Vote people because the alternative is to see our country fail because a few people have decided the Treasury of the United States is theirs for the taking and we have no right to stop them.