Free Story #2 The Ansilnora

Leaving the brilliant interior of a black Corvette, Randal Evans’ blonde form escorted his fabulous raven-haired date Kim Reynolds into the hotel and loved her mouth on his earlobe as they took the elevator to the tenth floor. Her hand making contact with his dick as she dug out the key for the room made him nearly blow.

Inside room 1024, Randal began to strip fast but his date slowed him down to make the experience last. Taking him to the middle of the room, she pushed him to sit on the bed then began a sensuous strip tease that made him wonder if he’ll be coming in his underwear.

She stopped before revealing the prize between her legs then got on her knees to open his pants. Taking him into her mouth, she made it clear she knew he was close because she wasn’t upset that he blew quickly in her mouth.

She displayed that she reveled in the taste of him while she rolled him over to lie on his stomach. Climbing up to straddle him, she began to tease the nerve-endings in his back by rubbing her tits on him and kissed the skin as well.

Randal was content to let her dictate the pace for the moment and closed his eyes while simply enjoying her attention.

Kim saw the eyes drift closed then stood on her knees over his thighs while pulling her breakaway underwear off. In moments, what used to be a vagina, changed to a large spike with sharp thorns along the side and she placed the tip near his asshole.

With an evil grin and red, glowing eyes, she rammed the instrument into him and reveled in his screams. Her power prevented sound from leaving the room so no one will answer his pitiful cries for help. Pulling out before he died from blood loss, she got near his ear.

“Think of the name Dillon Anderson and you’ll figure out without me telling you what this is revenge for.”

His eyes widened huge with the memory of what he and his friends did back in high school. That was over five years ago.

“I’m sorry! I’m Sorry! I’M SORRY!”

“I’m sure you are now while you reap the rewards of your behavior. Too bad you can’t say them to Dillon, isn’t it? Do you remember what the result was after you and your friends committed your foul deed?”

Randal cried weakly as his blood had nearly run out. “He committed suicide!”

“That’s right and all those who commit suicide do not see heaven’s gate. As he suffers his eternal torment, he told me everything and his story inspired me to request a little time out of hell from my lord. Not all of us who reside in the fires are without compassion. Dillon was wronged in a way that left him feeling like he didn’t have another choice; feeling like he didn’t want another choice. His story reached the small amount of heart I possess and felt he deserved a little payback and since he can’t do it himself, I’m here in his stead.”

“I don’t want to die!”

“Did you worry about want Dillon wanted? No, you didn’t. So why should I be concerned with what you want or don’t? You’re about to meet my lord, Randal; and when you do, you’ll be granted that chance to say you’re sorry to Dillon, personally.”

Randal died on the bloody bed then Kim put her prick away and it became a vagina again. Making sure she left no traces of herself, she exited the room then used her power; as she did when they came up; to keep the cameras from recording her face. She’s not worried about being caught. She just didn’t want to deal with inconvenient delays.

Wasting no time, she felt the presence of the second target and took a cab. It let her out near a bar and within she found the brunette form of Hank McDaniel. He’s the one who took the most sadistic pleasure in the torment they dished out to Dillon Anderson.

She didn’t feel any compassion for him but found it sad that it was too easy to make him turn away from the blonde he was wooing. The woman left insulted.

Kim’s presence dug into him and he was helpless against her. Hank got her to his Ford F-150 then she directed him to the same hotel she just left. The people at the desk didn’t recognize her while she requested room 1023. She had made sure it was empty before leaving earlier.

Riding up the elevator while playing with the thick muscled brunette, they entered the room then she began the same way. Pushing him onto the bed, she stripped to her underwear then gathered him in her mouth to ingest a little of his essence.

Hank was also content to let her run the show so rolled on his stomach easily and was perfectly ready for her surprise. She giggled like a little girl at the bellows he ushered with her prick in his ass. She listened until his heart began to slow with the loss of blood then pulled out.

At his ear she said, “Think of the name Dillon Anderson and you’ll know what this is about, Hank the Tank.”

His eyes widened huge. “There’s no way we could know he’d do what he did!”

“Of course there was. How do you think a perfectly healthy teenage boy would react to what you and your friends did? A teenage boy who held as many fantasies about women as you did and never once showed the slightest inclination to be with men.”

“I was just a joke!”

“A joke with deadly consequences. Dillon can’t gain his own revenge so I’m here to make sure he gets it.”

Hank bled out on the bed then Kim left. She caught a cab to the motel she’s staying in until tomorrow night when she’ll search out the next on her list.

Detective Frank Thomas’ black form stormed into the hotel in the heart of Downtown Denver and took an elevator to the tenth floor. The thirteen year veteran of the Denver police force has seen several grisly crime scenes but this one was unique. Getting prepared so he leaves nothing of himself at the scene, he entered room 1023.

Detective Alexandra Fox’s blonde person stood in the connecting doorway to 1024 and said, “It’s the same over here. The only difference is the victim. My guess is, it’s a woman carrying a nasty, homemade S&M tool and she’s gaining revenge against men because she was harmed in some way by them.”

“Not that I’m arguing, Alex; but what makes you think it’s a woman?”

“Both victims are grade A alpha males. The only thing that would get them into a hotel room is a woman. She brings them up, they begin to get hot and heavy then she convinces them to lie on their stomachs. She rams her tool into them forcefully and enough times to ensure they grow weak with blood loss before they retaliate. I have our junior homicide detective running down any potential links between the victims.”

“I’m sure Kenny is thrilled with more secretary work.”

“We’ll need to let him off the training wheels eventually. He’s proving to be gifted at running down leads though. He is a creative thinker when it comes to finding obscure details.”

Frank’s phone rang and he looked at the ID. “Speak of the devil.”

Answering he asked, “What have you got, Kenny?”

“My first guess proved correct. Big, beefy alpha males like that. I immediately thought, teammates on a football team. They hadn’t gone to college together but Randal Evans and Hank McDaniel played on the same high school team. They went to Central High School in Aurora and I spoke with the principal. He remembers them because it’s only been a few years and they were involved in something that was kept hushed because it was rather embarrassing. Apparently they were the biggest bullies at the school and a prank they pulled went very wrong when their victim committed suicide the night after. It’s going to take a little more finesse than I have to get them to open up about what this prank was. The victim was a kid named Dillon Anderson.”

“Run down the names of Dillon Anderson’s friends and family, and pay particular attention for any females that might be attractive enough to get these guys into the rooms to be victims.”

“You got it. You don’t need to hold my hand when I visit my first crime scene, Frank. I grew up on the streets and saw more bodies than I think you have in your career. I wanted homicide so I can help catch the killers.”

“That’s good to know but right now, running down those names is the most help you can be. You’ll see your fair share of victims. There is no reason to take that step until you need to. Everything you do is just as important; if not more so; than anything we’re doing here. We’re seeing what the killer has done. The information you collect can potentially give us an idea of what the killer plans to do next.”

“Are you thinking it’s a budding serial killer?”

“It’s possible. Pranks involving high school football players tend to include multiple pranksters; at least five or more. We need to get the names of their teammates and warn them.”

“I asked Captain Martins if I can borrow Tandy from his unit to help locate the teammates. Vice is a little slow and Tandy is always willing to lend a hand in homicide.”

“Good. The sooner they’re warned, the better I’ll feel. Get onto the important people in Dillon Anderson’s life. If it isn’t one of them, I bet they may know who it is.”

The light-skinned black man with a medium length afro named Detective Kenneth Moore; Kenny to friends and family; pulled up outside the home of Timothy and Sheryl Anderson. Taking a breath to steady his nerves, he walked to the door and rang the bell.

Curly brunette hair with wisps of gray along with the rest of Sheryl appeared as the door opened. “Can I help you?”

“Ms. Anderson, my name is Detective Kenneth Moore. I’m sorry to bring a painful subject up but we’re investigating the deaths of two men who were your son’s bullies when he was alive. It isn’t our intent to lay blame. We’re simply running down information on the important details that connected the two men. Is there anyone in your family; or a friend of Dillon’s; that took his death hard enough that they might be compelled to seek revenge; even this many years after?”

“No one, Detective,” Sheryl answered softly. “He was never close with any of his extended family outside our house and he didn’t have friends. He was a social outcast; though I knew, if anyone had taken the time to know him, they would have liked him. He was sweet and would help anyone who needed it. He was just born with some challenging issues with his appearance and made it hard for others to try making friends with him and made it easy for others to bully him. I’m sorry for the men who died because revenge isn’t in our hearts. We know it wouldn’t bring him back.”

“I must ask one more difficult question. What was the prank that led to him taking his own life?”

Sheryl opened the screen door and let him inside then offered him a seat. “Would you like anything to drink, Detective?”

“I’m fine, Ms. Anderson. Trust me, it’s as hard for me to ask these questions as it is for you to answer them. I don’t like feeling as if I’m prying into ugly details but the more we know, the more we can use to find who is responsible for killing these men. People shouldn’t take the law into their own hands.”

“I agree which is why I’ll answer you. It is hard and embarrassing but it was the terrible blow to Dillon’s soul that was the worst. Earlier in the day, Dillion had been in gym class at school. It was a struggle because he wasn’t the most physically gifted but he gave everything he did have because he wanted to get stronger. The hardest part was always in the locker room afterward. The favored names the bullies called him were string bean, wimp, noodle boy and anything that described a kid that was late in his physical development. He was in high school and still looked like a middle schooler.

“The football players were the worst because he really looked like a boy among men and they made sure he knew. On the day he committed suicide, he was just getting done with his shower. He always waited until everyone else was done so he’d have the showers to himself and not have to be seen by others. On that day, six boys from the football team waited until he had stripped and got under the water then entered the showers with him while naked themselves.

“They held him while each took a turn raping him in his butt. They called it a joke and a prank but it’s simply rape. My son had no leanings toward men. I’ve cleaned his room since then but if you could have seen it, you’d know he was fully engrossed with girls. His walls had been plastered with every poster of gorgeous girls he could find. Though I never said anything, I knew he masturbated to them; because I’d see the stains on his sheets when I did laundry.

“The boys who did it got a three day suspension from school and a one game suspension from the team but no criminal charges were filed because Dillon wouldn’t say anything. He completely shut down after it and when I brought him home, I could see the torture his soul was in. He went to his room and wouldn’t come out. His father and I tried to speak to him but we couldn’t get through. We heard the sound of the chair falling and my husband raced upstairs and bruised his shoulder forcing Dillon’s door open. He hung himself from the ceiling fan. It held him up because he was so lightweight.”

Kenny shook his head sadly. “If you’re still willing to hear them, I offer my condolences. I’ve known several kids who got bullied but none who was put through that level of torture. I was one of the few who used to stand up for the bullied in school. I guess you could say, I had the makings of a police officer even then. I could never see someone doing something wrong and stay quiet about it.”

“I wish there had been someone like you at Dillon’s school that day. I think if anyone had stood up for him; he might not have taken his life. He was a sweet kid who lived a lonely life because people didn’t want to look passed his appearance to understand the heart inside him.”

“Do you know the names of the boys? We need to warn the others.”

“Are you saying they’re dying because of what happened to Dillon? They were known to bully many at school. It isn’t another one of their victims?”

“I can’t share many details but the only connection we’ve found is the high school and the way the men were killed. Based on what you told me, it is becoming apparent that someone is trying to get revenge for what happened to Dillon. Also from what you said, it’s going be a task trying to find who had enough feeling for Dillon to take these measures.”

“I think I still have the incident report that was filed at school that got the boys suspended. They were discovered by the gym teacher. That’s how they knew what occurred because like I said, Dillon stopped talking as soon as it happened.”

Sheryl found it in a drawer with many pieces of random paper and gave it to the Detective. “I don’t hope for their deaths. That’s not who I am and not who Dillon was. I do hope they come to some understanding of the pain he felt but I don’t want them to suffer or die as a result of this.”

“Thank you for this. With luck, you just saved four lives. Whatever they were in high school, everyone deserves a chance to grow up and become better men and women.”

Debra Carlisle sat at the bar and thought, what a pathetic bunch they have in here tonight. There’s not one that’s interesting enough to speak with let alone think about sleeping with.

Coming to stand next to the redhead is a raven-haired woman who exuded a presence that instantly gained Debra’s attention. She’s a two way girl and this might be a good night after all.

Kim turned a sultry look on the redhead and asked, “What do we have here? It looks like a pretty girl; only better. Are we seeing the world the same way on this night?”

Debra nodded her head while she’s enchanted. “Hope is my middle name and it’s all about you and me, and what we could be.”

Kim smiled enticingly. “Are you into wasting time or do you just want to get out of here?”

“The sooner I can sample the happier I’ll be.”

Debra drove them in her silver Mercedes to the closest hotel and got a room. Entering, Kim didn’t play the slow one this time. She ripped the redhead’s clothes off and let the other rip hers too. They were naked in moments and learning everything about each other while in the throes of passion.

Kim accepted Debra’s touch for a while then made sure to be on top while the other had her eyes closed from the intensity of what she just experienced. It’s the best night of her life then she had a large, thorny prick shoved into her vagina with excruciating force. Screams brought no one to help as her insides are shredded.

Kim leaned down to whisper, “Remember the name Dillon Anderson and you’ll know what this is about, Debra.”

Debra burst into tears. “I was a kid! I didn’t know any better!”

“But you did, didn’t you? How many times were you told that your need to do vile things was wrong? Ten. Twenty. Thirty times or more. Yet you still had the evil need to be there to watch as Dillon left the boy’s locker room with his humiliation then have to rub salt in the wound by laughing uproariously. You inspired the three pretty girl next to you to laugh as well. Did you ever think that it was that; as much as what the jocks did; that contributed to Dillon’s decision?”

Debra answered quickly, “Of course! I felt guilty the moment I heard what he did!”

“That’s something I guess but what can your guilt mean to a wronged boy whose only crime was to be born a little unattractive? He and I had many conversations after he died and came to hell. He must be punished for throwing away his precious life but I can at least gain a little revenge on his behalf.”

“Let me live and I’ll make amends. I’ll shout it from the rooftops that I did this thing and it led to a boy committing suicide!”

“Sorry dear. You’ve felt my sting and there’s no going back from it.”

Debra died then Kim left the room; after making her clothes whole again; to travel to her motel. She’d have to plan a little more carefully since police are keeping an eye on the rest of them. She would complete the list and if anyone gets in her way, she’ll just have to kill them too.

She heard in her head, “Three down. Four to go then your time is done. Have fun my pet and let them know what it’s like when hell walks on Earth.”

Kim cackled then entered her motel room to plan.

Kenny Moore is with Detective Frank Thomas as they enter the hotel room with the latest crime scene. Though the victim is a woman, there are too many similarities to the men for there not to be a connection.

After getting gloves and booties, they approach the body and Kenny stated, “It’s definitely the same instrument used to create the wounds. I can see that much without needing the M.E.’s verification. I bet when we look at the victim’s past, she’ll have gone to school with Dillon Anderson. The young man’s mother didn’t mention a girl being involved but she had to have something to do with the incident.”

“High school tends to have fairly predictable patterns. My theory would be, she was the female equivalent of the jocks. She was probably mean and nasty in school. I can imagine that the jocks would have invited a couple of girls to be outside the locker room when Dillon emerged from his humiliating ordeal. They may have said something mean or simply laughed about it.”

“I can definitely see how that might have drove the horror in deeper for Dillon and maybe be the true impetus for him to commit suicide.”

“Alex took over the search for anyone in Dillon’s life who might be compelled to seek revenge but she’s coming up as empty as you were. The few females in his life don’t have the appearance necessary to lure these people into the rooms. When he was in school, there weren’t any girls that cared enough about him.”

“Maybe it’s someone who was awkward as well and blossomed later.”

“It’s going to be a monumental effort to find the people in his school from the time he was there; because we’re not just talking the sophomore class that he was in. We’re talking the entire school. Somewhere in that mix is the one who cared enough about what happened to Dillon to seek out these people five years later.”

Frank and Kenny respond to a small disturbance near the room’s door and found an officer holding back a thin and balding blonde man in his forties that carried the look of a professor.

Frank asked, “Did you know the victim, Sir?”

“No but I read about the first two from last night and caught wind of the initial news report from this. I know you’re going to think I’m crazy but there is a legend that speaks of a creature that makes such wounds and has been known to take up the cause for one who is in hell after they were the victim of another evil.”

Kenny rolled his eyes. “We need facts. What’s your name?”

“Edward Norton, Detective; and I’ll leave you with my card. When you’ve exhausted your search for a human killer, I’ll be ready to tell you my theory. If I’m right, there isn’t much time. This creature will only be here for a short while. The length of time necessary to complete its task then it will return to hell.”

Frank took the card and read, “Edward Norton. Professor of Biblical and folklore studies at Colorado State University.”

He looked at the man and said, “I’ll keep you in mind but we need to sift through reasonable explanations before looking for anything odd.”

“I understand, Detective Thomas but like I said, if it is this creature, it won’t be here longer than the time necessary to complete its task.”

Kim Reynold’s stunning raven-haired form approached the squad car and without pause, leaned on the window frame with her ample cleavage in plain view. The sultry vixen had the young brunette officer under her spell instantly.

“I’m afraid my dear Officer Tim Johnson that I can’t have you getting in my way. When you wake up, please don’t hold guilt. You never stood a chance to stop me.”

Leaning closer, she kissed the man then breathed her essence into him and he was asleep in moments. He’ll be out for hours.

Sauntering up the walkway of the black and white house the officer had been keeping an eye on, she rang the doorbell.

A raven-haired stud opened the door and was instantly enthralled by the amazing creature at his door. At no time did he think she might be the one he’d been warned about.

“I had to meet you, Jonas Franklin. My name is Kim and it’s making me extremely wet just being this close to you. Are you going to leave this lonely girl standing out in the cold?”

Jonas moved quickly to let her in and wasn’t the least suspicious when she immediately led him toward his bedroom. She’d never been there. How did she know where it is?

Pushing Jonas to sit on the bed, Kim began a slow strip tease to remove the tight red mini dress then her nails shredded his shirt before she made him nearly burst while running them along his chest. Getting him naked, she took him into her mouth and spent a short time bringing his essence out so she can taste it.

Rolling him over, Jonas wanted to resist but also didn’t want this fantastic creature to be upset so followed along while she ran her lips and breasts along his back. His eyes closed from the rapture then his mouth opened to scream when the thorny prick was shoved up his ass.

“I know you’ve been warned so just think about Dillon and the tears you saw on his face as you cheered on Hank while he raped that boy. Then getting so excited by the action that when you took your turn, you barely lasted three pumps.”

“We were kids! We should be granted the chance to be better!”

“But you haven’t taken that chance; have you, Jonas? Did you tell your new police officer friends what you did just a couple nights ago?”

Jonas groaned as he lost more blood. “No.”

“So the little girl you left broken in her apartment was your idea of being a better man?”

Jonas cried as he bled out and died having never been a repentant man at all.

Kim left and took a cab to Aurora. When she got out a block away from her intended destination, she giggled to see a blonde female officer keeping tabs on this one.

Approaching the squad car, she leaned on the window after inspiring the officer to roll it down. “Officer Heather Mills. What right do you have to protect this slime when you’re not much better than him? Do any of your fellow officers know you sexually abuse both your children; the girl and the boy?”

The blonde asked weakly in this creature’s presence, “How could you know? No one else knows?”

“Do you think the powers of hell can’t see what you do inside your home at night? Give my lord a message. I’m almost done.”

Leaning in, she kissed the woman but this time, she sent a poisonous stream into her and in moments, the officer is dead.

With sexy purpose, she approached an apartment building and wasn’t stopped by the security door as she entered then took the stairs to the second floor. At apartment 27, she knocked.

The dirty-blonde man who opened had no better success at resisting her nature as she stepped inside without resistance.

Toby Graves responded weakly after having the thorny prick in his ass, “We deserve this. What we did went way too far.”

“That’s nice to hear. Maybe Dillon will feel like forgiving you after you tell him these words yourself.”

Toby died then Kim took another cab back to her motel. She had two more nights because her last one won’t be back in Denver until Saturday night. Maybe she’ll take her time with the next one, to make the fun last a little longer.

Frank Thomas and Alex Fox arrived at the black and white house in Denver and tried to be sympathetic to the officer who is very distraught to have fallen asleep on the job. “Tim,” began Frank, “I’ve known you for a couple years now and I know you never fall asleep at night. That’s why you have always been a good overnight officer. What do you remember?”

“All I remember before going out is a woman with shoulder-length black hair and sultry brown eyes. It might have been my imagination but I thought I saw her eyes turn red just before I fell asleep.”

Frank said to the EMT, “Make sure he gets a full panel drug test; to be sure he hadn’t been given something.”

“Yes, Detective.”

Alex stated as they entered the house, “As hard as it is to give credit to, I wonder if that Edward Norton guy knows what he’s talking about in this case. Kenny got the invite from the Aurora P.D. to observe the other crime scene since it is connected to our case. The officer outside Toby’s place had been killed yet our watchdog only went to sleep. Just for the sake of argument; if it is a creature from hell, it may only kill those with large sins on their souls.”

“I won’t give it credit because I’d lose all hope of stopping this before the last two are killed. The chief authorized extra hands to watch Larry Masters’ place tonight. I’ll be more in a believing mood if the killer gets passed the number of eyes we have watching him.”

Alex added, “I’ve set myself up to be part of Greg Sanders’ security team when he arrives in Denver on Saturday night. I’m hoping I’ll be able to put a stop to this bitch before she gets them all.”

Edward Norton arrived at the crime scene in Aurora on an invitation from Kenny Moore and got a guest authorization to be behind the crime tape to stand with the detective while they observe.

“I’m not saying I’m a full believer yet, Professor; but just for the sake of thoroughness, I should at least hear you out.”

“I’ll admit that its more theory than fact but the details of the crimes fit with the legend of the Ansilnora. It’s a demon from hell that was built with a small degree of compassion. If a soul arrives in hell as a sinner and is burdened by the weight of being the victim of evil too, the Ansilnora will sit with that soul while they’re suffering their eternal punishment and listen to their story. If the tortured soul’s story is powerful enough, it may inspire the Ansilnora to seek revenge on behalf of the afflicted one.

“The clues are as follows; Dillon Anderson committed suicide which is considered the ultimate sin that’s guaranteed to send a person to hell for throwing away the gift of life, and the potential for finding healing and becoming a better person. Second, all the victims have a connection to the major wrong that was done to Dillon. Whether God or the Devil care about homosexual relations or not, I’m sure rape is considered a sin no matter who the participants are. Third, the killer is getting to the targets regardless of what you put in the way. Fourth, you aren’t finding any physical evidence of the killer at the crime scenes.”

“What about the death of Officer Heather Mills?”

“If it is the Ansilnora then I bet the officer had sins on her soul large enough for the demon to collect the soul for hell.”

“It still sounds way out there but this case isn’t adding up. Scientific facts aren’t being discovered here. The M.E.’s initial guess about Officer Heather Mills is, her heart just stopped. According to the officers who knew her, she was at the peak of physical health and way too young to be susceptible to heart failure.”

“I bet you haven’t come up with a witness who can clearly identify the woman though she’s been in some highly populated locations.”

“We can’t even find an image of her on camera; like she has an ability to prevent her image from being recorded. If she got close to the officers, why didn’t the cameras in the cars pick her up?”

“All of that is leading to the idea that you’re dealing with something supernatural. Unless you find state of the art technology on her that no one else possesses that accounts for her walking through the world like a ghost and leaving nothing of herself behind, it’s more than likely the Ansilnora has come to Earth to get revenge for the wrongs committed to Dillon Anderson.”

“Does the legend say how the Ansilnora can be stopped?”

“Only though self-sacrifice can it be sent back to hell before it finishes the task for which the demon came to accomplish. Only a soul that’s on its way to heaven for taking the place of a target can break the chain.”

Kim Reynolds; a.k.a. the Ansilnora; brought her dark-haired and sexy form close to Larry Masters’ three story home in the Cherry Hills. The man had been the quarterback of the Central Trojans and the leader of the boys torturing Dillon. After school, he became a millionaire businessman and enjoying the spoils of life; even with the sin on his soul.

Kim tittered like a schoolgirl to see the five officers keeping an eye on things and skipped forward like an innocent woman to stop in front of the guardians.

Sergeant Henry Jacobson, the gray-haired man in charge; asked civilly because this creature in front of them is impossible to be rude to, “Can we help you, Miss?”

“You can stand down, Sergeant Jacobson; and go home to your wife who misses you terribly because your job is your spouse and she only your mistress of convenience. Do you know how many nights she cries herself to sleep because you leave her so lonely all the time?”

The man had tears develop. “How do you know?”

“I see much and know much more. Of the five of you, only Officer Trinity Adams is for all intents and purposes, free of sin. She has a couple blemishes but nothing that will see her going anywhere but up when the day of her death arrives. The rest of you harbor secrets that wouldn’t be wise to have revealed. And yet, none of you have sins worthy of being ripped from life; and continue to have the opportunity to improve.”

The black woman Trinity Adams moved to block Kim. “I can’t let you go in there; though you don’t look like you’ll harm anything.”

Kim put a tender hand on her face. “I’m sorry you feel that way. Look into my eyes, Officer Adams and know, when I walk passed you, all five of you will forget you ever saw me.”

Kim moved on and the five officers went back to watching as if no one had approached them.

Entering the house without knocking, Kim moved fast for the baby’s room and made sure he’ll remain asleep then located Janet Masters. She made the spouse of her target go to their guestroom and sleep.

Finding Larry Masters’ auburn-haired and muscled form in his study, he had no chance to resist as she led him to the bedroom he shared with his wife.

Larry responded after his ass had been shredded, “I’m still not sorry about what we did. Dillon was a wimp and wimps deserve all that come to them. He proved it by taking his life afterward. There’s no place in this world for his kind of weakness.”

“Thank you, Larry. You just made my night.”

Kim healed his wounds then repeated the process with her thorny prick many times before she finally gave him the mercy of death.

Frank gathered Alex and Kenny around his desk at the station and stated, “Okay; I believe. This creature got passed, five highly decorated officers and killed Larry Masters in his bed with his wife and child asleep. None of them have any memory of seeing anyone go into the house and Janet Masters has no memory of anyone being in the house.”

Alex stated, “I’m still going to the hotel where Greg Sanders will be staying with the rest of his team. This creature will walk right passed all those muscle bound behemoths from the Seattle football team. I’m not going to let this thing take him.”

Kenny asked, “How’s your level of sin, Alex? This thing will know.”

“I’ve lived my life as mostly a good girl. I may have a blemish or two but nothing that will keep me from heaven when my time comes.”

Frank grabbed her shoulders. “Be careful. It would kill me to lose you. We work way too well together.”

“I love you too, Frank.”

Greg Sanders large linebacker person stood at the door of his hotel room after he and his team got into town. The brunette football stud asked mischievously, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to guard me inside my room, Detective Fox?”

Alex chuckled then said, “I can’t believe you. I just told you several of your high school pals died because of the issue with Dillon Anderson and you still have the gall to think with the head between your legs instead of the one on your neck.”

“If I’m destined to die, Detective Foxy; I’d like to do so after I get to know you better.”

Alex laughed. “I’ll be out here watching for the perp. Go take a cold shower so the ardor doesn’t keep you from sleeping and make you play horribly tomorrow; though I am a full-on Denver fan.”

Greg pouted. “Okay. I’ll try not to let my dreams of you keep me up tonight.”

Alex smiled as he shut the door then turned back to the hall to find the most stunning raven-haired woman before her. The gorgeous woman’s presence is intoxicating and Alex found herself involuntarily leaning forward to close the space between them.

Kim chuckled as she accepted a short kiss. “That’s a brilliant welcome, Detective Alexandra Fox. Within your breast is the heart of a golden champion so I have no wish to harm you. Have a good night standing guard as you forget you saw me.”

Alex was in a daze and didn’t hear the door shut behind her then she heard the sound of two people in the room and grew confused. Panic set in as she knew, she just got bewitched by the killer.

With the spare key she got to the football star’s room, she opened the door and raced in. She was just in time to see the demon positioning the thorny prick at the entrance to his ass.

Without any concern for herself, Alex rushed forward and got in the way just as the prick was pulled back for a hard entry then entered her throat rather than entering the intended victim.

Kim screamed as she faded instantly and returned to hell before she completed her task because she took the life of one destined for heaven.

Greg Sanders is stunned into silence as Detective Kenneth Moore displayed the strength to shove him against the wall. “You better find a way to honor that woman who sacrificed herself to protect you. I know all about what you and your friends did in high school and I will become your worst nightmare if you don’t start thinking it’s important to make amends for that. Dillon Anderson and Alex Fox deserve that from you.”

The football stud looked in his eyes then dropped his head in shame while saying, “I’ll begin today. I’ll have a moment of silence at the game for the detective then I’ll put Dillon’s name on something I wear onto the field and I’ll dedicate my career from here on out to him. I really did feel bad after I heard Dillon committed suicide. I spent the years since trying to understand how we could think that was a good prank to pull. I never found an answer to that but I discovered why we were so hard on Dillon.

“It had nothing to do with how he looked or the fact he was so easy to pick on. It had to do with the fact; through all the abuse he took from us; he never once lost his ability to be a nice guy. I think it drove Larry crazy that he couldn’t turn Dillon into a bitter and hardened person. I didn’t think anything of it at that time but as I’ve reviewed my memories, I saw a look of desperation in Larry’s eyes when he was devising the prank. I think for his twisted sense of self-worth, he needed to prove he could change Dillon for the worst.”

“The actions of you and your friends brought hell to Earth.”

“During the offseason; when I have time to devote to it; I’ll start a new charity to help those who are victims of bullying. I’ll call it the Dillon Fox Fund for the one who was the victim at the start and the one who was the victim that put an end to it.”

“It’s a good start but you’ll have to forgive me if I harbor a small belief that it would have been better if the Ansilnora took you; instead of my friend. She was the best of us.”

Alex looked down on the scene and smiled beautifully about the love then turned toward the Pearly Gates and found her grandmother waiting to welcome her home. She can’t think of a better way to die than to trade her life for another’s. She can imagine the good that will come as a result of it.

The Ansilnora paced her chambers in hell in a lather. She was so close and that wench had to go and sacrifice herself. Lucifer didn’t condemn her because she got six of the seven souls she was sent for plus an extra but she didn’t like failing. She will make sure the next time she goes to Earth, she’ll be successful.


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