Soul Healer, Soul Warrior Available Now

I have a new e-book available on Kindle at It is called Soul Healer, Soul Warrior.

Follow Michelle as she goes on a journey of self-dicovery and wonder as her life brings her into contact with a race of gentle beings that have shared our world but have remained hidden. Read Michelle’s story as her life gets meshed with these people and works to make these people an open part of our world.

Soul Healer, Soul Warrior cover


The characters speak

My name is Marcia Mercier. Come and follow the adventure of my love Jorvon, as he and my fellow Guardians, battle to take our world back from the demon Markolopulous, in The Mother Calls.

My name is Rebina Ki’Tama. Read along and see how my mother fights, to stop a centuries long evil, from bringing my people to extinction, in Arielanna’s Wrath.

My name is Mischaline. I am an Anuskian from the book Old Powers Reborn. Come meet me and mine and watch as we help Joe Smith and his friends, gain the skill necessary, to stop an ancient evil from taking over the world.

Walk in my footsteps

Follow me on my journey to become an author that others like to read. Follow Arielanna as she fights to bring her people back from the brink of extinction in Arielanna’s Wrath. Read the Story of Joe Smith, an average police dectective forced to battle the forces of darkness and come to terms with the supernatural in Old Powers Reborn. In either book discover unknown races with good characters.

Excerpt from Old Powers Reborn by D.A. Smith copyright 2013



     On June fifth, two-thousand four, a cold mist was descending on the town of Reginae Curia, which sat in the shadow of Black Mountain, near Reno, Nevada. Within this walled-in community a stately three-story manor house was bearing witness to an evil that had lain dormant for millennia. Nestled within the second floor of the house was a room lined with mirrors and was host to a malevolent presence. This presence glowed with a sense of victory as it watched the scene unfolding within the summoning circle, controlled by its chosen mortal child. A rift was forming in the veil between the material world and the abyss. Soon the presence would send forth its deviant creations to begin its unholy war. Soon it would find its way back to the material world and it would bathe in the blood of mothers and children. Soon the rift grew large enough and the presence sent forth the first of its brood.

“Go my children! Bring me my sacrifices! Bring the terror that will open the locks on my prison!”