Lost in a world of darkness waiting for the key. I pound. I scratch. I wait for eternity for the one who finds it important enough to look for me. The dark is like molasses or quicksand slowly, dragging me down. I fear the end will come before the light comes home.

I scream for help but the sounds of contentment drown my pain. Ever do I slip farther away; calling, ever calling, for the one who sees me. If anyone hears it must be faint, like the buzzing of a mosquito to be swatted at blindly.

There’s a world out there, I do remember. The locks on this prison are not for me to break. The might of heroic effort on the part another is required. A specific champion who sees into the dark and finds me; the invisible one who speaks but can’t be heard for the important messages of celebrity doings most wonderful.

Crawling to the wall in pathetic disdain, I try once again for it’s all I’ve got. The echoes of my torment keep me company.


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