The World is a Heavy Weight

Trying to find your place in a world you don’t believe in feels like a weight crushing the soul. After spending the bulk of my life ducking my head in the sand it feels like I’m trying to speak to people using a dead language. In my attempts to make my voice heard, I feel like I’ve lost touch with how to talk. It doesn’t help when you’re a non-conformist. I have a hard time connecting to people through what’s deemed important today because I can’t share that sense of importance. I can’t bring myself to be the performing monkey or the dog that behaves for fear of biting the master’s hand.

It is my basic wish to hear people’s opinions on my work; positive or negative. Both perspectives help growth but silence is the breeding ground of stagnation. I feel like a relic of a bygone era because I didn’t grow up in an era with massive support. I grew up in a time when people swallowed their issues. Now there’s tons of support for the youth but for those like me, the world seems to be running me over and passing me by.


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