Perish the Dream of the Soul Contained

Hold a dream in the palm of your hand. Digits close quickly – strongly- trying to hold on tight. The dream changes shape; loses its appeal; as the streams slip through your fingers. It pulls at your heart; this travesty at a dream lost for attempting to crush it close.

Hold a dream in the palm of your hand. It lives, it breathes, as it stays of its own accord and you feel majestic as this dream’s choice. It builds, it grows, in the freedom from being captured but fulfilling its purpose upon the choice to stay.

Simple is the idea that a living thing, in whatever form, brings greater beauty in its freedom to leave but staying because that’s where it wants to be. Expectation, obligation and control; these crush the spirit of the living. Choice, desire and hope; these bring the spirit alive and bring the best out of the living.

Fear of loss is a gripping power; terrible in its embrace. To covet something as, “mine,” absorbs the beauty and keeps it contained, unseen. Anger at the threat of loss turns beauty dull as it tries to blend in – hide.

Acknowledgement is a form of freedom. All of the living wish to be seen in its freedom and hear from those living in its presence. To gaze on the treasure of its beauty but to hold opinion back is another trap to kill the beauty. Even an unkind opinion is still valuable for it allows for growth. To hold back the opportunity for growth is control and limits the beauty that could be.

Comments should always be welcome. It is simply the desire to reach out hands to control the beauty of the living that should be reined in.

Be well, every valuable soul that dreams freely. This means all of you.


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