Invisibility is one of the roots of suicide

Invisibility is one of the roots of suicide. While it is true that no one can be expected to read another person’s mind, it should be reasonable to think that if you call a person your friend; they mean enough to you to pay attention to them and know when things are not quite right. I bet that the majority of those who commit suicide have; at one time or another; shown signs that it could be an option they are considering because their pain level is that high.

I believe it is a real sickness that many out there want others to be friends to them but they don’t feel it is necessary to be a friend in return. If you use the word friend to describe someone then that’s as much a pact that in this life; you’re someone who has their back; even if the one you have to confront is the friend themselves. Many times those who commit suicide have a hard time saying anything because they don’t want to burden anyone else with their problems. Friends should always be willing to help them shoulder those burdens.


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