Feeling alone in a world of endless noise

How does one beat loneliness when extending trust feels like the greatest of all efforts? Spending a life being shown all too frequently that people can’t be trusted to be anything other than untrustworthy is truly a heavy weight to bear. I walk down a street and see hundreds of souls but each look away with an expression that says, you’re not worth paying attention to. I hear people say all the time that every life matters but you can see an unspoken qualifier in their eyes that they mean, every life matters to someone but not to me. People like what they read but inside they still find themselves saying, I feel bad for that person but I can’t help because it would interfere with my life. They run from the prospect that maybe the person they help could be the best possible thing to happen to them.

Everyone wants friends but no one wants to be a friend because it’s more effort than they want to give.

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