When a goddess calls, do you answer?

What would you do, if you found the voice of Mother Earth, calling for your help. Would you turn away or find it in you, to answer that call, like Jorvon Hemingway did in the book, The Mother Calls. Go along that journey with him, as the living spirit of the earth finds her voice, to fight against a demon, and the threatening garbage and pollution in the world. Follow the story of seven strong women, whom the goddess had preserved, to help the earth, and are awakened, when the demon Markolopulous escapes from the Abyss, and has evil fun with the planet, until Jorvon finds the voice of a goddess, talking to him is his sleep.

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When The Word Is Love Does It Matter Who

When the word is love, does it matter who the participants are? In My Ocean Love, I explore a relationship that would have many up in arms but, as you read about their journey, it must be asked, is it really ours to tell others that it is wrong when the love is this true and lasting?


New Title

My Ocean Love is now ready at Amazon on Kindle. Check it out, by clicking on the link and enjoy.

Deep beneath the oceans, lives a race of humanoid people, who have been there, since the dawn of intelligent life. New human technology, forces this race to come out of hiding, on their own terms, before they are found. Out of this scenario, comes a love more profound than most. Erin Trenton, an oceanographer for NOAA is the first to discover this race and the one to experience this unusual love she finds. Erin goes on a journey that confronts the face of love and, what it could be, if experienced in full, without restraint. What does Erin find beneath the waters she loves? Only the reader knows.

The characters speak

My name is Marcia Mercier. Come and follow the adventure of my love Jorvon, as he and my fellow Guardians, battle to take our world back from the demon Markolopulous, in The Mother Calls.

My name is Rebina Ki’Tama. Read along and see how my mother fights, to stop a centuries long evil, from bringing my people to extinction, in Arielanna’s Wrath.

My name is Mischaline. I am an Anuskian from the book Old Powers Reborn. Come meet me and mine and watch as we help Joe Smith and his friends, gain the skill necessary, to stop an ancient evil from taking over the world.

Excerpt from Arielanna’s Wrath by D.A. Smith copyright 2013

Mafrita and the lieutenant each had Snakebiter side arms but they were pinned down as Mabina continued her assault. The blue-tinged, amber-eyed, intelligence officer was speeding around the corner of the barn to finish off Mafrita and the traitorous lieutenant when a laser shot came from the front of the house. Arielanna had heard the commotion and came out bearing her own Snakebiter. The shot hit directly on the engine of Mabina’s glider and the green-gold Molrhevian was dumped onto the ground for the second time, which did nothing to improve her temper. Mafrita, Arielanna and the lieutenant surrounded her which prevented her from getting a weapon up to finish her task.

“So you work for the High Priestess, as well, Mabina?” Asked Arielanna as she came up and ripped the woman’s weapons from her, “We had thought the only people in on the conspiracy were priestesses. How many others know outside the Order? Councilor Ri’Bana perhaps, who else?”

“That fat pudgy councilor has too big a mouth to be allowed to know. I was recruited because of who my mother is and the skills I have. Other than the Prelates and the High Priestess only a handful know and I will not tell you their names. Why all this fuss to protect the males? They are nothing but brutes who should never be allowed to come back.”

“That is not a decision for any mortal to make. Only Rheva has the right to make choices like that and if she didn’t want us to have our males she would have stopped us from being able to bear them rather than leave us to suffer their deaths.”