I stand before the crowd screaming as loud as I can. My voice reverberates off their indifference like the greatest of all shields. Their backs turn, their phones are all they hear. I do not have a phone so I may not communicate as they wish me to. In all the great glory of technological marvel, the greatest disaster is silence to the love they swear they feel but do not wish to speak openly, only to the dead receiver that can’t truly transmit the feeling. We seek yet the means to say I love you from a distance and hope it is trusted, even as we lay beneath the sheets of another.

I see a hand raised in violence and shout that this should not be but silence is all that’s heard as she takes the blow without hope. She wishes for the one who can make it stop but closes her ears to the sound of real salvation. She yearns to leave the hurt but not the man. He may yet be saved from his eternal torture which he inflicts on others. Even unto her own damnation and destruction will she ever curse the hurt but never to one who inflicts it.

Silence is all that awaits me in the halls of care as I cannot find the means to unlock their indifference and make them hear. If even one voice shall respond then I shall not be alone. Can I find that one voice or due to the unfortunate face I bear, will I be forced to confront the hell of silence?