She Comes

Wrapped in a, silken canvas; of peaches and cream, she comes. Looking upon this vision creates the, physical response; for sure; but I look deeper and see the rapture she feels, to be herself; bared for the world as she knows who she is. Can heaven provide a better portrait than the woman who knows herself and with the smallest wiggle tear down kingdoms? I think not but the man who takes exception to this beauty is a fool; for the woman kept down in pain and fear is but a weapon waiting to strike; when fear turns desperate and desperation becomes courage. A forge from which the great shine forth and the steel of her soul is written.

Wrapped in the, steel gauntlet; of pain turned to purpose, she comes. Looking upon this vision takes the, truly brave man; but for the one who can take it, life has a sweeter taste; as the woman with the steel, to be herself; and choose, leaves the man willing to face her departure; and see her choose to stay, forges the greater bond. Weak is the man who can’t bear to, risk the loss. Strong is the man who faces this demon and wins the true heart of a free woman.

Wrapped in the, glory of freedom; strong and sure, she comes. Looking upon this vision brings the hope, of a truly balanced world; when all the world’s sons and daughters; of whatever color graces their exteriors; can look upon one another without the need to say, “I’m better than you.” When this days comes; if it ever does; shall the world be ready to look to the stars, for more grand adventure; and find friends of a different nature.

Live strong but kind as we each deserve to, do this favor for ourselves.

Look upon the world with fresh eyes and say, “I need to take care of you because without you, I wouldn’t be here.”