Such a simple word, isn’t it? Yet, it encompasses a world of everything. Pain, glory, fun, tenderness; all parts of being a person first. Unfortunately the word, “SHE”, creates a desire in some to bring this glory down, keep it in pain, under control.

The word, “HE”, does not bring with it a set of instructions that includes treating, “SHE”, like secondary citizens. This may be harsh but it is only truth. The man who must keep, “SHE”, down is announcing to the world his cowardice; his unwillingness to face the possibility she won’t choose to stay.

The unwillingness to accept the word, “NO”, and simply make demands pours all the weaknesses out of the closet for the world to look on and judge. Speaking isn’t necessary. All it requires is the simple action of placing a harmful hand on, “SHE”, and you allow the world to glimpse your weakness in glaring detail.

Real strength comes from staring your fear of her loss in the face and saying; “I accept your choice, no matter what it is.” It comes from holding that harmful response at bay and let her choose if she wants the tender hand on her face. If that person – she – really matters to you then her happiness; wherever it comes from; should be more important than if she finds that happiness with you.

To say; “She must find happiness with me or else,” means she isn’t the most important person to you. You are the most important person to you.

If, “SHE”, truly matters then you should be able to revel in her smile; no matter what the source of that smile is.


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