Sports Writing: Breanna Stewart

b-ball pic



Boss steppin’ on the court as her passion stakes her claim.

Respect the grace as she dominates while you read her name.

End of game is a foregone conclusion of victory lest you bring all.

Away or home the court is hers requiring full effort to take the ball.

None but those sharing the jersey can match her b-ball beauty.

None but those facing her in the post can appreciate her fairly.

And the face on this, warrior of the rock, stirs passion hot.


Six-foot-four is her posted height and ungainly she is not.

Take a step in the wrong direction guarantees her team’s score.

Even odds or better, when she’s in her element it’s never a bore.

Winning on the court or in life is this angel’s due.

Attaining respect for the woman she is, shouldn’t be anything new.

Radiant is her soul as she stands above the rest.

The chance to see this baller in person once, fuels hope’s zest.


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