Laura & Isha

Through a terrifying experience, Laura & Isha discover a love of a lifetime and because of a split second decision they change the lives of many of the people in their lives.

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Ignoring Allies

Where is the logic to ignore support? It feels a lot like speaking from within a void when those you support can’t be bothered to respond and let you know they hear you and appreciate the added voice. This tendency that many have, has the power, not to change the support, but to silence the voice of support. It makes one think that those who wish to push for better lives, not only want the support, but wish to direct who can support them; like it’s necessary to discriminate in who is allowed to be an ally.

It doesn’t matter as I’ll still stand up and say to all the women who’ve felt the sting of being tormented for simply being a woman; you are loved, even if that love comes from those you don’t know yet. Hold to your faith that someday the scales will be balanced.


The Sudden Question

She awakens, showers and dresses with all the careful attention to detail she’s come to expect. As she stands before the mirror, putting on her makeup she has a sudden question, “Why am I doing this? I’ve spent my life working on this ritual but never asked this of myself.”

She studies every feature of her face as her mind works on the answer then she has a sudden smile as she replies, “I do this for myself.”

The day is glorious because she understood this.

Be well all the glorious women however you appear and never change unless you can say this same thing, “I do this for myself.”

Sports Writing: Breanna Stewart

b-ball pic



Boss steppin’ on the court as her passion stakes her claim.

Respect the grace as she dominates while you read her name.

End of game is a foregone conclusion of victory lest you bring all.

Away or home the court is hers requiring full effort to take the ball.

None but those sharing the jersey can match her b-ball beauty.

None but those facing her in the post can appreciate her fairly.

And the face on this, warrior of the rock, stirs passion hot.


Six-foot-four is her posted height and ungainly she is not.

Take a step in the wrong direction guarantees her team’s score.

Even odds or better, when she’s in her element it’s never a bore.

Winning on the court or in life is this angel’s due.

Attaining respect for the woman she is, shouldn’t be anything new.

Radiant is her soul as she stands above the rest.

The chance to see this baller in person once, fuels hope’s zest.



Such a simple word, isn’t it? Yet, it encompasses a world of everything. Pain, glory, fun, tenderness; all parts of being a person first. Unfortunately the word, “SHE”, creates a desire in some to bring this glory down, keep it in pain, under control.

The word, “HE”, does not bring with it a set of instructions that includes treating, “SHE”, like secondary citizens. This may be harsh but it is only truth. The man who must keep, “SHE”, down is announcing to the world his cowardice; his unwillingness to face the possibility she won’t choose to stay.

The unwillingness to accept the word, “NO”, and simply make demands pours all the weaknesses out of the closet for the world to look on and judge. Speaking isn’t necessary. All it requires is the simple action of placing a harmful hand on, “SHE”, and you allow the world to glimpse your weakness in glaring detail.

Real strength comes from staring your fear of her loss in the face and saying; “I accept your choice, no matter what it is.” It comes from holding that harmful response at bay and let her choose if she wants the tender hand on her face. If that person – she – really matters to you then her happiness; wherever it comes from; should be more important than if she finds that happiness with you.

To say; “She must find happiness with me or else,” means she isn’t the most important person to you. You are the most important person to you.

If, “SHE”, truly matters then you should be able to revel in her smile; no matter what the source of that smile is.

Striving For Greater Value

To remain happy with displaying the animal sides of our natures is; in essence; denying our very humanity. It diminishes the value of the treasure to be obtained to force a woman to give of herself instead of seeking the greater reward of her free choice. I know; having been a male all my life; how hard it is to deny our animal instincts but it is this very fight; so our human minds may seek the greater treasures that await; that makes the fight worth it.

We; as human men; though it’d be easier to give into our instinctual impulses; need this fight because it makes us better men. Human men have always sought out the greatest challenges; to build, to destroy and to conquer. The greatest battle to be fought is the one against our own natures.

When we can rise above the animal; control it; and let our rational mind greater sway, we open endless possibilities because that which we seek most in this world – women – will become something more than the appeasement of a moment’s carnal delight. They become jewels, more precious than diamonds. They become wealth, greater than all the gold on the planet.

This is in response to a recent story concerning several young men forcing themselves on one young woman. The consequences to the young men will be serious but the consequences to that one young woman will be devastating for years; until she finds her value again as someone greater than a few young men’s plaything. She’s a human woman and this alone makes her worth more than all the wealth available.

We; as men; also need to hold ourselves to higher standards and say; “Our lives as free men; for the whole of our lives; are worth more than throwing it all away to appease a momentary desire.” If the woman you seek is worth throwing your life away for then, by all means, let her know the proper way so she may decide if you’re her knight. If the individual woman is only worth a few minutes of your time then value the human being and let her live as she chooses.

This isn’t about denying ourselves anything but giving ourselves a chance at something greater than giving into momentary lapses of control that could see us throwing years of our lives away and; worst of all; damaging a human woman whose only crime was; SHE WAS THERE.

We’re no longer cavemen. We’re no longer barbarians. We have the ability to be greater than that. We have the ability to say; “We’ve grown into HUMAN men and seek the greater experiences that come from balancing emotion with controlled rational thought.”

To all women who’ve experienced this pain or not; YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN PLAYTHINGS. Your free choice in the greatest treasure available.

To all men who’ve fought the battle and attained your woman’s free choice; Congratulations!

Before Your Eyes Take That Ride

green eyed bliss

Before your eyes take that ride

Left step, right step, I explode – pop – slam – into your sight.

Starting with the feet,they’re small and sweet; then ride up the calf, so smooth and neat. Keep riding up the thigh to the…Stop!

Before your eyes take that ride, look into mine where my soul resides. Make friends with my pain before you think about the gain.

The journey continues over the rear, keeping in mind the point, “most dear!” – then it’s up the abs I keep in shape, to the mounds of heavenly woman’s…Stop!

Before your eyes take that ride, look into mine where my soul resides. Give me a reason to believe, what’s found within cures your need.

I hold respect to a higher view so, when you think to follow the cues; the heat in your body provides you; my eyes should be your first stop!

Within this face that stirs your need are the orbs which grant you leave so, before your eyes take the ride look into mine and abide; there’s a world within this form that tempts your ardor’s norm and seeks recognition for its value.

If you can’t then…Stop!

Before your eyes take that ride, look into mine where my soul resides. Make friends with my pain before you seek the gain.

C’mon Guys!!!

In response to recent events in the news, I have to say; “C’Mon Guys!”

To be fair it must be said; when men post photos of women it’s their way of showing their appreciation. This is understood. But when did we decide respect doesn’t matter? Fighting against the blood flow when it travels south is rough; I know. The fight is worth it for the sake of basic respect. I’ve yet to run into many girls that don’t appreciate being appreciated for how they look. I’ve also yet to run into many women who take it well to have nude photos posted without the RESPECT of asking. To take pictures of unconcious women and share them with others is RAPE gentlemen.

I say; post all the pictures you want, if the girl has been asked; then granted permission. There’s nothing wrong with this; regardless of stuffy, old-fashioned opinions. If we’ve made the choice women are free to make there own choices then we can’t complain just because they choose to go against the norm.

I also say; it’s worth it to fight against the “STUPID” that affects us mortal men and think about showing the respect women deserve. Your lives will be better for it. We’ve come too far as humans to keep getting caught by the animal side of our natures.

It’s very hard to be a man who shows respect for women and keep running into the wall of distrust built because of idiotiotic behavior. I understand it’s hard to fight the spur of the moment decision but you need to ask yourselves; are the consequences truly worth it, when you take what you think is a simple picture and share with your friends, and it lands you in jail?

Her voice on the subject needs; and deserves; to be heard!!!